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About us

It has been almost ten years since the first edition of our catalog was published, It really makes us proud that most of our colleagues refer to it for their ventilation needs, and the majority of consultant engineers in Iran actually use our models when enquiring about fans. I.e. they state Iran Havasazan model so and so or equal in their fan schedules. Needless to say that there are over 15,000 copy in circulations.

During this period, we have developed our web site: “”

also published a book: “IHC Ventilation Handbook”

We have obtained ISO 9001: 2000 from URS of Great Britain and have completed the work on our Fan selection software which makes the fan selection very easy and gives a print out with all the mechanical and electrical specifications. (A sample of this print is in Technical specifications of this catalog).

Finally, I would like to thank our customers for their guidance and our staff for their patience and dedication.

Hossein Riazi
Managing Director
Summer 2017

Some of our facilities

Technical staff

Technical staff are staffed with highly experienced engineer technicians to help customers in their special needs.

sound lab

Labs including a sound lab and many apparatuses for measuring air delivery, pressure and sound levels.

Sales office

Sales office staffed with very competent sales persons.

Ability to design

Ability to design and manufacture dust-collecting system according to customer’s specifications.

Designing and producing

Designing and producing of medium or high- pressure fans for various industries up to 12,000 pascal.


And all the best at the same time for your comfort